What Specialist Tools and Equipment Do Electricians Use?

The domestic electrician is a man of many talents and after several years of intense theoretical learning and a few more working under supervision, the qualified electrician can do many things. This article is mainly concerned with the tools and equipment that a domestic electrician would use while at work, which would include the following.

  • Pliers, Grips & Cutters – The electrician would have a range of special hand tools for cutting and stripping the exterior cover from electrical cables, used when connecting up sockets and switches, and having these tools really does speed up the process. The list would include needle-nosed pliers, reaming and side-cutting pliers, to name but a few, and most would have a special belt to accommodate the many little hand tools they need for their work.

  • Electrical Testing Devices – The voltage detector is an essential device for every electrician, as this enables them to know if a cable is live or not, and working with electricity can be very dangerous, as we all know.

  • Conduit Bender – This is used when wiring a building and it allows the technician to shape the conduit pipe to perfectly fit behind the walls.

  • Insulating Tape – This is not used as much as it used to be, mainly because we now use snap connectors that easily and safely join two pieces of wire. In an emergency, the electrician might use the tape as a temporary measure, and some electricians have stopped using it altogether.

The above are just a few of the tools that a domestic electrician would have in his tool kit, and should you ever need his services, an online search will help you find someone local.








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