A Guide to Building the Perfect Garden Terrace

The garden terrace is very much the focal point of your outdoor living space, and if you are far from happy with the current arrangement, why not redesign the space? The first thing to do is measure the available space, which might me more than you are currently using, then decide on both the shape and size of the platform.


There are many options regarding patio materials, including:

  1. Block Paving – Perhaps the most popular of all the materials, block paving looks stunning and can include several colours. There are excellent pavers in Barnsley who would be happy to quote for the project. Block paving will stand the test of time and there is zero movement providing they have been installed correctly.
  2. Coloured Concrete – You can literally have any colour you choose and with a wide range of excellent finishes, a concrete terrace is going to last for many years. Ready mixed solutions allow for the concrete to be pumped into the form, and when compared to other materials, concrete is very affordable.
  1. Timber Decking – This looks very attractive in a rural setting, and by using seasoned timber or even engineered wood, you can have a long-lasting deck that will look elegant and last for many years. Of course, re-staining every few years is a must.


You can build small retaining walls for the flower beds and pathways that lead to the terrace from all sides, and with some nice shading in the form of cantilever umbrellas and some garden furniture, the look is complete.

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