Tricks & Tips To Help Shoppers While Finding Any And All Area Rugs!

It’s safe to say that every single area rugs is 100% unique, but rug shoppers can actually go about the same strategies while shopping for All area rugs both in-person and online.

We’ve partnered up with the online rug outlet experts at Rug Source Inc. to support us in our efforts with creating this article about the tricks and tips that all rug shoppers can follow while shopping for area rugs.

So no matter what type of area rug you’re interested in, keep the following tips in mind to find the rug that perfectly matches your unique needs!

Always Keep Your Personal Style As A Top Priority

The first and foremost concern you should have while rug shopping is simply making sure that your personal style is being upheld with your top options. After all, you’re going to be looking at your new rug purchase almost on a daily basis, so it should be something that speaks to you on an intricate level!

It’s likely that your new area rug will match your home’s existing aesthetics, so try to figure out what your décor aesthetics currently are. Maybe your décor is modern or Bohemian, or maybe you have a cozy styled farmhouse, or maybe even a rustic cabin vibe.

Narrowing down the rug styles that you love the most will go a very long way in terms of making your overall online search a lot easier.

Solids vs. Patterns

Although there is a seemingly endless array of rug styles, the two main differentiations to consider are patterns and solids. Every rug will vary in terms of design, but they’ll likely fall within either of these two categories.

One tip to keep in mind when deciding between solids and patterns is what your room already looks like. It may be a bit jarring if you already have many patterns on your walls and furniture, and then place an intricately patterned rug on your floor.

So the tip with this décor decision is balance, and ensuring that your room’s ambience is providing the type of energy that you want.

The Rug’s Overall Purpose Should Dictate Materials & Spacing

No matter what type of rug style peaks your interest, your rug shopping experience should begin with understanding what the rug’s general purpose is within your décor.

This means honing in on the ambience of the specific room, which of course varies throughout any home. It also means that you’ll need to keep your personal lifestyle in mind, because pets and kids can be disastrous for fancy, high-pile area rugs.

Affordable, durable area rugs are typically best for families because you’re going to likely need to have it professionally cleaned on at least a yearly basis.

There truly is a lot that a rug’s purpose can guide you towards, so understanding your new rug’s purpose will be like a guiding light as you narrow down your top options.

Make Sure You Get The Right Sized Area Rug

Another major factor that applies to all rug shopping is getting the right size. This is particularly a problem for online rug shoppers that may not be paying close attention while shopping or haven’t conducted proper measurements in their space just yet.

Getting the wrong-sized area rug is always a major hassle because you’ll likely want to return it immediately, so it’s best to conduct precise measurements in your room so you can narrow down your search accordingly.

Rug Colors Are Crucial

Last but certainly not least, your new area rug’s colors should coincide with your room’s existing aesthetics and your personal preferences. This is typically the fun part of rug shopping, and narrowing down your top color options will ultimately be the way that you really bring that extra bit of style to your home!

Contact The Rug Source Experts When Shopping For All Area Rugs!

There’s no denying that rug shopping can be rather tedious, particularly when you’re shopping online and have a seemingly endless amount of options to choose from.

What’s great about the Internet is that it can provide you with affordable, high-quality rugs, and the Rug Source team is one of the top online rug vendors in America.

You can speak directly with the Rug Source specialists when you click on the link at the top of this blog!

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