Timber Flooring: What Are My Options?

If you have decided on timber flooring, there are quite a few options open to you, and, of course, cost will be a deciding factor. Obviously, a solid wood floor will not be a cheap acquisition, yet if you do have your heart set on a timber floor, you’ll be happy to learn that there are options.

  1. Solid Timber Floor – There is always affordable solid wood flooring in Parsons Green, and while it won’t be cheap, you will have a stunning floor that lasts a lifetime. There are several species of timber that would be suitable for flooring, which is something the supplier can help you with.
  2. Engineered Timber Flooring – The next best thing to solid timber, an engineered floor has a composite core, with real timber on the outside, making it more affordable than a solid wooden floor. This is a popular choice in the UK, as you have the look and feel of real wood at an affordable price.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Simply put, luxury vinyl tiles tick all the boxes, and with so many timber finishes available, you can have a stunning faux timber floor that is very durable and hardwearing. The stunning timber finish is possible thanks to a high-res digital image of real timer, which is fixed under the final protective layer, and no matter what type of timber finish you prefer, they will have something just right.

If you would like to explore any, or all of the above options, search online using a local business directory and the supplier will pay you a home visit and you can take a look at what they have.

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