Methods and Tricks for Cleaning House Plants

House Plants are the integral part of your home’s interior décor and hence it needs to be taken care of properly. Regular cleaning of the house plants is necessary and it is the crucial step to keep the house plants healthy and also prevents from getting infected by the pests. Cleaning House Plants also keep them attractive and healthy. Cleaning the houseplants is not rocket science, but there are several methods involved in the process that needs to be followed carefully to keep the house plant clean and protected always.

The Products for Cleaning House Plants!

Although there are many houseplant cleaners available in the market today which are very expensive, but you are not always required to purchase these products. You can prepare your own ingredients at home to clean the house plants. The commercially available house plant cleaners claim to polish the plant leaves and prevent the clogs in the stomata of the plant, but the reality is just the reverse. These commercial cleaners come with chemicals which reduces the transpiration of the plant that lets the house plants to clean the indoor air.

The Cleaning House Plants process must involve dusting of the leaves to rubbing the leaves with damp paper towel and cheesecloth. To prepare the cleaning solution, you may take dishwasher liquid and dilute it in water and pour the solution to the spray bottle. Occasionally, you may also place the house plants under the shower or at a sink with a sprayer. The mist released by the shower or the sprayer would remove the pests and the dust and also maintain a good level of humidity required by the house plants to flourish. The commercial house plant cleaners comes with restrictions and may also limited to mere dusting and misting the plant with water. Moreover, the insecticidal soap on the feather duster is another prime reason for keeping your house plants clean and this helps in treating the pest simultaneously.

The Process for Cleaning House Plants

The process of Cleaning House Plants involves caring the underside of the foliage and also taking care of the stems, soil and stalks. You must ensure that no dead foliage is left on the soil which is dropped from the plant as it provides the breeding ground for the diseases and pests. So, cleaning the dead foliage is essential as a part of the cleaning process. Besides, you also need to shake water gently from the plants with the pubescent leaves and ensure not to place the plant directly under the sunlight until it is fully dry. There are some selected plants with fuzzy leaves which may get damaged from the water left on their leaves after cleaning. So, ensure that it is fully dry before you place it under the sunlight.

So, now you have mastered the skills for Cleaning House Plants and implement the abovementioned suggestion in the process. As a part of the cleaning process, you must also check for the symptoms of small bugs, and damages from diseases and pest.

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