Know the Symptoms when your AC is Sick and Needs to be repaired

Summers are tough. Many people do not like to leave their homes from the comfort of their AC. If you live in a place where summers are bad, then having an AC is a must. In order to welcome summer, you need to be prepared well in advance. First place to start is to have your AC checked.

When to Get Your AC Repaired

It is very important to get your AC serviced and repaired beforehand. Imagine having the AC not working when summers approach. If your AC is not working due to small issues, you can resolve it yourself. If the issue is huge, then you definitely need professional assistance.

Now before you pull out your cellphone and call a technician, you first need to check if your AC is in dire need of repairs or out. Some of the symptoms to check out for include:

  • AC is not cooling and sending off warm air
  • No proper ventilation across the house
  • You start seeing moisture accumulating near the AC
  • Foul smell or odor emitting out of the AC
  • There is a lot of crackling or humming noise coming out of your AC

If your AC is suffering from any of the above symptoms, then you might need to call up a reputable AC repair service. Finding the right repair service is not that easy. If you check online, you might come across many service repair companies that promise you all kinds of AC repairs, but might not be backed with positive reviews.

Stop Being Ignorant About the Symptoms

Repairs can be a costly affair depending on the situation. Many a times, we generally tend to ignore the problem. This can pose to be a threat in the near future.

If you have young kids, then imagine their plight when there is warm air blowing out of your AC. They are sure to get uncomfortable. Similarly if you see moisture accumulating near your AC duct, then your kids or pets can easily touch and consume them which can prove to be very toxic to them.

Foul smells and odor can be due to issues with the wire insulation or if your AC is very old. All such issues need to be examined by your electrician to determine the root cause of the problem.


Maintenance of your AC is a must. Ensure that you clean your AC filters on a regular basis, so that there is no dust accumulated on them that prevent clean air from flowing out.

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