All you Need to Know About Mature Tree Removal

Trees are wonderful creations of nature, they give us shade and turn CO² into oxygen, yet, like all living things, trees do have a lifespan, and when a very old oak or elm becomes dangerous, it is time to have the tree removed, before it causes any damage.

Professional Evaluation

If you have a mature tree on your property that has a few dead branches, it is time to call on the tree removal services in Perth, who would be happy to pay you a home visit and take a look at the tree in question. If a large tree can be saved (from disease or storm damage) then the arborist would make you aware of the options, which would likely include topping the tree.

Complete Tree Removal

In the event a tree surgeon recommends removal, if the tree is in a residential area, then the greatest of care must be taken. Normally, a crane would be used to gently lower sections of the tree onto a waiting flatbed truck, and the arborist would climb the tree or use a cherry picker to remove branches. The outer branches would be removed first and they would be trimmed and removed on the ground by the team, and with the entire area cordoned off, the trunk section can be cut, at a few metres long, starting at the top and working down.

Stump Removal

It wasn’t that many years ago when you would have no choice but to add a tree stump to your garden, as removing it would be next to impossible, and it can be used in a decorative manner and integrated into the garden. Fortunately, we now have stump grinding machines; a series of tungsten carbide blades spin at high speed, and the machine is gently lowered onto the stump, reducing it to sawdust. A stump grinding machine can go down to over one metre, ensuring that the roots are all severed, and with a little sand and some grass seed, the area will be reclaimed by the lawn.

Fully Insured

A tree surgeon would have more than enough public liability insurance to cover any damage, and while these guys take no chances when removing big trees, it is better to be safe than sorry, so do check that the tree removal company are fully insured.

Removing the Tree

First the brushwood is removed, the smaller outer branches that have leaves, and as the branches drop to the ground, they are trimmed and put onto a truck. It could take quite a few trips to remove all of the brushwood, and once that is done, the arborist would begin with the dangerous work of removing major sections of the tree.

Crane Work

A large tree can weigh as much as 75 tonnes, with a single section of the trunk weighing as much as 5 tonnes, so great care is taken when cutting these major sections – each section is roped and a crane takes the weight as the section is cut.

If you have a mature tree that has seen better days, talk to a local arborist who would be happy to carry out a site inspection and advise accordingly.

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