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What exactly is Bead blasting All About?

What are called “sandblasting beads” are tiny, manufactured ball shaped pieces of glass that are forced through a blasting machine and onto a work surface. These tiny beads provide an alternative finishing appearance on many different surfaces and materials, when compared to the common sand grit type used in sandblasting. Also, these harmless small glass spheres allow workers to use this type of blasting in an indoor setting.

During the process of blasting, an air compressor is hooked up to a bead blasting machine. Within the bead blaster are numerous glass beads waiting to be utilised and when the nozzle gun is ready, the compressor forces the beads out of the machine at a high velocity and does its job. A skilled worker in bead blasting in Perth, will then slowly move the nozzle back and forth until the whole work surface has been treated with the blasting beads. When the job is completed, the worked surface will have become nicely finished with a smooth looking reflective appearance.

A Much Better Finish

Many sandblasting professionals prefer to use glass beads due to their not causing a lot of damage to the targeted surface. The beads’ spherical shape does not cut so deeply into a surface like the sand type. The sand type can if not used professionally, chip and damage a surface, whereas bead blasting gently treats a surface to produce a nice looking smooth and reflective sheen.

The beads are also available in a number of different sizes, depending upon the bead blasting job in hand and the nozzle opening. The smaller type of beads move through the sandblaster at a much faster pace for a faster job completion, when held in comparison to larger bead sizes. The worker will have to decide which bead size is applicable for a particular project as larger beads create a wider impression across the worked surface, whereas the small type of spheres make a lot more impressions for a finer finish

Health Issues

Another great benefit of bead lasting is their silica-free make-up. Silica in sand can during sandblasting create a dangerous hazard for workers and cause respiratory problems in not only those working, but any nearby observers. The beads used in bead blasting do not create any dust residue, and as a result, can be safely used indoors without any concerns of affecting anyone’s health.

The kind of abrasive that you decide to use will depend on just how dirty the material you will be using it on is and how much blasting it will be able to withstand. More delicate materials are going to require a gentler blasting method to avoid damaging the surface. And this is where glass bead blasting come into play. It is relatively cost effective, cheap to produce, and they can actually be reused around thirty odd times!

Make sure to use a company with the experience, skills and great reputation to get any blasting work completed in Perth.

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