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Home improvement for better prices – The new trend!

Did you know that around 85% homeowners took up home improvement projects with an intention of selling the property, according to a new survey? Marek who runs Newline Construction LTD and his builders west London team donated this Infographic, which has some interesting facts. It is surprising to note that most people (over 85%) preferred to use their savings for home improvement over loans and credit.  Also, people who used savings were more in the budget, as compared to those who opted for credit.

The new survey has revealed some amazing facts about the home improvement market. The majority of people at 41% still liked the idea of hiring a contractor for such jobs, while other 25% preferred to do some of the tasks. It’s no brainer that DIY projects can help in saving money, but in both cases, contractors and similar services remained extremely relevant.

It will be surprising to note the changes in these trends in years to come, considering that increasing real estate prices. Based on the material, it can be said that homeowners do prefer spending on improvement rather than repairs, mainly because it offers better value for money in the long run, especially for the property price.

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