Asbestos Flooring And Asbestos Siding

Flooring which contain asbestos are extremely prevalent in homes which were built prior to the 1970’s. Asbestos that contains flooring grew to become popular due to their inexpensive when compared with other kinds of flooring for example wood and marble.

Asbestos flooring could be a health risks. When the tiles are worn, or broken the asbestos fibers may become friable or air born. When the flooring are water broken they’re equally an issue. Feet traffic may cause mechanical harm to these flooring. Sanding or elimination of the ground tiles may also make the asbestos fibers to get involved with the environment.

When asbestos fibers go into the air, they are able to cause numerous illnesses and health problems, including cancer of the lung, along with other illnesses. Asbestos-related illnesses are harmful and could be fatal. These kinds of asbestos caused illnesses might take many years or longer before presenting signs and symptoms.

Asbestos flooring ought to be removed with a trustworthy asbestos abatement company. The contractor will require the steps necessary to prevent asbestos released in to the air.

Another less but less desirable method to handle the asbestos would be to pay for it with another flooring. This can not cure the actual problem of getting the asbestos tiles but is a method to safeguard the tiles from being broken. Carpeting is a great choice since it is installed having a pad. The information combined with the carpeting can help keep your asbestos tiles from mechanical damage. Just don’t damage the ground tiles while installing the carpeting. Linoleum and vinyl are also choices to cover asbestos that contains tiles.

The presence of asbestos flooring ought to be disclosed to the potential purchasers of your house. It’s not ethical to not disclose the presence if the customer decides to get rid of the ground covering installed within the asbestos, the asbestos flooring may become broken. As home inspectors it’s difficult for all of us to look for the kind of materials which are underneath the new floor.

Another place that asbestos was utilized is around the siding of homes. Asbestos cement is really a hard siding and consists of a combination of Portland cement and asbestos fibers. The siding was banned in the united states within the mid 1970’s.

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